Restaurants & Bars

Enjoy unlimited V.I.P access to our à la carte bars & restaurants. You’ll likely be able to savor dishes from various regions, from classic French cuisine to spicy Thai delicacies, traditional Japanese sushi, rich Italian pasta, and much more.

In villas Chefs

Describe the convenience and luxury of having a personal chef cater to their culinary needs right in the comfort of their villa. This allows V.I.P. members to enjoy gourmet meals without leaving their exclusive retreat.

Exclusive Entertainment

Far more than the ordinary, our V.I.P. entertainment lineup includes a fabulous Members-only Welcome Party, our Café Del Mar Party, Vegas-style shows, a variety of special events, and access to The Colosseum and ICE Nightclub.

Unlimited Beverages

Enjoy our house wine with our meals, plus all of our beer, spirits, cocktails, juices, and soft drinks during your stay.

Transportation Services

high-quality transportation vehicles that will be used for the airport transfer, ensuring that your guests travel in style and comfort to the resort

Customer Says

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Antonio Gonzales

“I booked a beautiful 4 bedroom villa, I definitely had a great vacation with my family.”


Martha Cecilia Gil

“We had access to a golf cart to drive around the resort , it was really practical!”


Maricarmen Fernandez

“The staff of the resort were really helpful and welcoming, I would definitely go back!”